Eli Brown and Lilly Palmer Team Up For An Electrifying New Track “Gasoline”

Gasoline, their 2024 release, is an unadulterated, high-energy Techno composition. This new 2024 song by Eli Brown and Lilly Palmer is being released on Insomniac’s Factory93 label, which is an appropriate landing place given that Brown’s Escape EP was one of the label’s initial releases in 2021.

Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer‘s Gasoline will enthrall you with its blend of voice drop focuses and technological leads, as well as its exceptional risers and turnarounds that effectively create and release energy.

An industrial drum rhythm booms to begin Gasoline, which is then accompanied by a syncopated lead synth loop. A low pass filter is gradually removed from a voice drop that will be present throughout the recording, thereby enhancing its clarity, shortly after the groove and lead have been established.

After the voice drop is introduced, another iteration of the looping syncopated synth lead ensues, this time exhibiting a distinct timbre. Additionally, the bass swells now enhance this second rendition of the techno deliciousness. The voice drop resurfaces near the conclusion of the second round of the Techno lead section, this time obstructed by a low pass filter. Subtly, the filter promptly transitions to the rhythm, obstructing it while the voice drop resurfaces as the primary emphasis.

Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer – Gasoline

The rhythm is then completely nuanced by a bass swell, leaving the solo voice drop in sharp focus. The final words spoken during the voice drop begin to reverberate, then combine with a gratifying drum riser that precedes a four-on-the-floor kick drum drop, which is accompanied by the voice drop returning.

The repeated voice drops are accompanied by the syncopated lead synth once more, which returns with the occurrence of another bass crescendo. An additional bass surge once more overpowers the main synth. Following a final epic percussion riser and a repeated voice drop, the groove descends once more, this time featuring an entirely different lead synth techno melody. Gasoline by Eli Brown and Lilly Palmer concludes with a single final bass surge and one final playthrough of the industrial groove with swells.

The 2024 release of the new Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer track on Insomniac‘s Factory93 label met our expectations for hard-hitting techno. Brown’s previous releases, which included the dance-inducing Tech House track Desire, the smooth-sounding Melodic House and Techno track Immortal, and the somber and cinematic song and video for Trouble, which he collaborated with Talk Show, formed the basis for these expectations.

Brown has discovered an additional deserving collaborator for 2024 in Lilly Palmer, whose track Gasoline satisfies our longing for high-energy techno music.

Listen to the track below.