Andromedik strikes again with his brand-new powerful EP ‘Rise’

Andromedik strikes again… After a stellar year, the 25-year-old Belgian drum ‘n’ bass DJ & producer phenomenon has solidified his growth into the brand-new EP ‘Rise’.

The 6-track EP is an incredible body of work that summarizes Andromedik‘s rise as an artist and one of the most up-and-coming producers in the electronic music scene.

It features six straight anthems that each have done incredibly well across dancefloors worldwide, from Australia and New Zealand to Brazil and Belgium and back, all fire.

Andromedik – Rise

With more than 45 million streams last year, it’s time for Andromedik‘s long-awaited project. The center track ‘Stay‘ is a fresh fusion of electronic pop and drum ‘n’ bass – highly infectious and perfect for any mood – and reflects Andromedik’s modern sound, all whilst staying super energetic.

To celebrate the release of ‘Rise‘, Andromedik hosted two sold-out ‘Andromedik Invites‘ shows in his hometown of Antwerp on April 12 and 13, featuring a brand-new AV production.

As a cherry on top, Andromedik, will also be hosting his very own ‘Andromedik Invites‘ stage at Tomorrowland Belgium in July, while playing top-tier festival gigs across Europe all summer long. His new EP ‘Rise‘ marks the pinnacle of Andromedik’s success so far, showcasing his evolution as an artist and his drive to push the boundaries of drum & bass music.

Listen to the tracks below.