Massano unleashes thrilling Drumcode EP Debut, ‘Telepathic’

One of melodic techno’s biggest breakout stars, Massano steps up for his Drumcode EP debut.

The emerging DJ and producer from Liverpool already gave us a taste of his elite studio capabilities via the fantastic ‘Betrayal‘, his contribution to last year’s Drumcode A-Sides Vol.12 release – one of the highlights of the compilation. Massano‘s sound hits with a fantastic punch, characterized by super charged sound design and powerful melodic riffs with key releases on Afterlife and his own Simulate to date.

His ‘Telepathic‘ EP reinforces why we’re rightly so excited to have him on Drumcode. The title track is a juicy psy-laced stomper, propelled by a menacing low-end vocal that adds plenty of atmosphere to the cut.

Destructure‘ is formed around rattling percussive effects, before euphoric melodic layers build in intensity throughout the second half. When the two elements coalesce, we’re treated to a track with immense peak-time power, that never loses its unique edge. ‘The Method‘ is a melodic ace, shifting between laser-kisser dynamism and full throttle bass- driven energy.

Massano Drumcode
Massano – Telepathic

Here’s what Massano had to say about the release:

“Drumcode has had a huge influence on the type of music I make and was undoubtedly one of the reasons I started making music in the first place. The label has been one of the main staples in my electronic music journey and have consistently released some of my favorite tracks over the past 10+ years.

So, needless to say, it is an honor to be releasing this EP with them and I am super grateful for the opportunity to express another side of my music to an audience and platform as prestigious as Drumcode.” 

Listen to the tracks below.