TATE SEDAR drops powerful remix of Disco Lines, J. Worra & Anabel Englund’s “Cutting Loose”

The journey of TATE SEDAR’s remix of “Cutting Loose” begins with a chance encounter at Academy LA in 2021, amid one of the venue’s initial events following the pandemic lockdowns. Here, TATE SEDAR crossed paths with Disco Lines. Although TATE had to leave before Disco Lines’s set due to prior commitments, the brief interaction laid the groundwork for a future collaboration that neither artist could have predicted.

By 2023, at EDC Las Vegas, TATE and Disco Lines reconnected, catalyzing a surge of inspiration for TATE. This event marked a pivotal moment, instilling in him a profound sense of motivation and connection with the broader music community. It was at this festival where TATE felt a deeper engagement with the electronic dance music scene, rubbing shoulders with artists he admired and gaining new insights into his own musical direction.

In 2024, TATE was captivated by the release of “Cutting Loose” by Disco Lines, J. Worra, and Anabel Englund. The track, characterized by its silky vocals and lively rhythms, immediately sparked TATE‘s creative vision for a remix.

Envisioning a unique blend of techno elements and guitar accompaniment to highlight Englund’s vocals, he set to work on what would become a distinct interpretation of the original.

Disco Lines, J. Worra & Anabel Englund – Cutting Loose (TATE SEDAR remix)

TATE‘s remix introduces a blend of pop guitars and serene bells that complement Englund‘s vocals seamlessly. The drops feature varying guitar leads layered over a robust bassline and industrial percussion. This sound fusion both highlights TATE‘s ability to merge styles while also signals his emergence into what he describes as ‘post-EDM’—a term he uses to denote a progressive style that draws from the rich palette of EDM (2010-2020) while incorporating both analog and digital instruments.

The juxtaposition of bittersweet acoustic-pop elements with cutting-edge techno creates an accessible yet sophisticated sound that resonates both in and out of club settings. For TATE, this remix is a homage to Disco Lines‘s journey from viral TikTok fame to mainstage performances, as well as a nod to all artists involved in the original track.

Beyond the remix, TATE SEDAR has established himself as a formidable figure in the electronic music arena. His notable performances, including the 2020 Insomniac Discovery Project: EDC Virtual Rave-a-Thon and various collaborations with industry heavyweights, have cemented his place on the Insomniac Events Artist roster.

With features on major EDM platforms and over 5.7 million plays in 2023 alone, TATE is far from the end, with ‘Post-EDM’ now just the beginning.

Listen to the track below.