Craig Oram Drops Special Guest Mix for Rave Jungle

Get ready for a high-octane journey through pulsating beats and infectious rhythms with Craig Oram’s guest mix.

Featuring his electrifying tracks ‘Guaranteed‘ and his remix of Bad Boy Chiller Crew‘s ‘450‘, this guest mix is a blend of powerful, energetic tracks that will keep you moving from start to finish.

With his signature style that combines groovy basslines, Indie Dance, and psychedelic vibes, Craig Oram takes us on a thrilling musical adventure that showcases his talent and creativity as a music Producer and DJ.

Get ready to dance and lose yourself in the music with Craig Oram‘s guest mix.


1. JONAH. – Scandal (unreleased)
2. Shagy – Algorithm
3. Brian Don – What is Real?
4. Brakgen – Devils Dance
5. Fatboy Slim – Right Here Right Now (Shapeless Remix)
6. Bad Boy Chiller Crew – 450 (Craig Oram Remix)
7. Craig Oram – Guaranteed
8. Lu4o – Just For Laugh
9. Raza – Nobody There
10. Proof DB – Tar.tor
11. Lu4o & S-lap – Incomplete
12. Shata – Extra Pill
13. Mooh – Horrific News