ARTBAT release new remix of epic Chemical Brothers hit “Hey Boy Hey Girl”

The next release on the mighty Positiva Records is a collaboration of some of dance music’s most globally recognized names, as Ukrainian duo ARTBAT remix The Chemical Brothers’ seminal club classic “Hey Boy Hey Girl.”

The Chemical Brothers laid the foundations for the early dance music sound and have remained at its forefront ever since. As live artists and producers, they have explored a plethora of styles from psychedelic to big beat to techno.

They have crafted countless global hits and number-one albums, from their groundbreaking debut “Exit Planet Dust” in 1995 to their recent ninth album “No Geography,” which became their sixth chart-topper. They have played every major festival on the planet, and years on, “Hey Boy Hey Girl” remains one of their most recognizable tracks.

ARTBAT are modern dance music tastemakers with a widescreen sound that is meticulously well crafted, whether operating in deep melodic worlds or more powerful techno spheres. They head up their own influential UPPERGROUND label and have already played two scintillating shows at Coachella this year.

They will soon open Amnesia Ibiza‘s first-ever melodic techno residency, Horizon. Artur and Batish, the duo behind ARTBAT, are huge fans of the entire Chemical Brothers legacy, having grown up on their music and drawing significant inspiration and influence from them. They were truly honored to remix such an iconic track.

ARTBAT remix
The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl ARTBAT remix

The electrifying ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl‘ (ARTBAT Remix) retains the buzzy synth texture and tension of the original but with extra synths layered in that spray about the mix over the rolling drums.

The remix is intense, creating a wall of sound that engulfs the dance floor. Once the iconic and anthemic original vocal hook drops, it’s guaranteed to bring the house down.

This is a superb rework of a true dance classic by contemporary mainstays ARTBAT.

Listen to the track below.