Carl Cox shares euphoric remix of HoneyLuv & Roland Clark’s ‘This Is My Life’

Carl Cox

Legendary DJ and producer Carl Cox has crafted a rave-ready remix of the recent HoneyLuv and Roland Clark track ‘This Is My Life’, out on now just for your listening pleasure!

The original track, released earlier this year, features a blend of winding melodies, hearty basslines, and rolling drum patterns, complemented by infectious vocals from Roland Clark.

In his hypnotic remix, Carl Cox amplifies the drumwork and places a bassy synthline at the forefront, crafting a big-room monster version that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

Carl Cox remix
HoneyLuv & Roland Clark’ – ‘This Is My Life’ Carl Cox remix

Carl Cox, one of the most charismatic DJs in the business, is a musical ambassador and a veteran of acid house, a champion of techno, a dance music pioneer, a label owner, and the King of Ibiza.

He continues to push boundaries with his Hybrid live sets and his record label Awesome Soundwave, which supports the best live electronic music artists globally. Additionally, this summer marks the return of his iconic Space residency.

Listen to the track below.