Spoken Bird’s ‘Worlds Collide’ Merges Hip-Hop, R&B, & Wave Music Elements Into a Sonic Masterpiece

Spoken Bird, the moniker of Alex Gonzalez, is a name that has steadily risen from the bustling music scene of Berkeley, California. His journey into the world of music began during his college years, where the infectious sounds of dubstep and glitch hop piqued his interest.

Initially gaining recognition as an electronic music DJ, Alex‘s thirst for deeper musical knowledge led him to study music theory and electronic production. This solid foundation allowed him to evolve from a DJ into a producer with a unique sound that quickly garnered attention within the bass music community.

Spoken Bird‘s latest single, “Worlds Collide,” showcases his continued evolution as an artist. This track blends hip-hop and R&B influences with the signature elements of wave music that fans have come to expect from him. Featuring intricate drum breaks, creative synth patterns, and a hint of psychedelic flair, “Worlds Collide” offers listeners a complex and engaging flow, but at the same time, it sinks in easily.

Spoken Bird
Spoken Bird – ‘Worlds Collide’

Over the years, Spoken Bird has accumulated significant accolades. With over 1 million streams and popular tracks like “Hold On” and “Beginnings,” he has built a solid fanbase. He is well-recognized for his powerful live performances, including sold-out shows alongside artists like CharlesTheFirst, CloZee, and Phaeleh. Notable moments in his career include performing at Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse for a crowd of over two thousand and achieving over five hundred thousand streams on “Hold On.”

Experience the song for yourself directly below.