9 Reasons Why UNTOLD Festival Is a Premier Destination for Music Lovers

Every summer, the UNTOLD Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania shines brightly as a premier destination for music lovers. Known for its unique blend of affordability, stellar line-ups, and immersive experiences, UNTOLD stands out as one of the world’s top festivals.

Here are 9 reasons why this event is so exceptional:

1. Affordable Musical Escape

One of UNTOLD‘s biggest draws is its affordability without sacrificing quality. With 4-day tickets starting at just 129 EUR plus taxes, it offers great value. The reasonably priced food and beverages also contribute to its reputation as one of the most budget-friendly festivals worldwide.

2. Diverse Line-Up: Icons and New Talent

UNTOLD Festival is renowned for its impressive line-ups, featuring both legendary artists and emerging stars. Held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the festival has hosted major acts including Imagine Dragons, Robbie Williams, G-Eazy, Jason Derulo, J Balvin, Ellie Goulding, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Tale of Us, Amelie Lens, Boris Brejcha, Monolink, Mathame and many more. This diverse array of performers ensures that there’s something for everyone.

Confirmed artists for the 2024 edition include Lenny Kravitz, Sam Smith, Swedish House Mafia, Zerb, Louis Tomlinson, Burna Boy, Lost Frequencies, Jax Jones, Milky Chance, Mahmut Orhan, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Solomun, Black Coffee, Carl Cox and many more.

UNTOLD Festival

3. Round-the-Clock Festivities

UNTOLD festival offers a 24/7 celebration of music, art, and culture. During the day, attendees can engage in workshops, art installations, and sports challenges. The festival also features “Designers’ Nest,” showcasing creations from over 20 Romanian fashion designers, adding to its multifaceted appeal.

UNTOLD Festival

4. Spectacular Production

As night falls, UNTOLD transforms into a spectacle of lights, fireworks, and elaborate stage designs. Each year, a new theme is unveiled on the main stage, creating an immersive experience. The main stage alone is a marvel, featuring a massive LED screen and complex structures, all powered by renewable energy sources.

UNTOLD mainstage photo by aLIVECoverage

5. Culinary Delights

Food at UNTOLD is a gastronomic adventure, with options ranging from gourmet food trucks to fine dining pop-ups. The festival caters to all dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan. Notably, it is the only festival with a McDonald’s on-site, alongside a wide variety of beverages from signature cocktails to craft beers.


6. Unique Themes Every Year

Each edition of UNTOLD festival introduces a fresh and imaginative theme, often inspired by Romanian folklore, blending local myths with fantastical elements. This creative storytelling enhances the festival experience, making each year unique and memorable for the lucky attendees.

UNTOLD 2019 Mainstage

7. Blood Donation Campaign

UNTOLD also addresses important social issues, such as Romania’s blood donation shortage. With its Blood Network campaign, the hard-working team behind UNTOLD encourages festival-goers to donate blood in exchange for discounted or free festival passes, contributing to a vital cause while enjoying the amazing event.

8. Awards and Recognition

UNTOLD‘s excellence is reflected in its numerous awards. It ranks 6th in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Festivals and is frequently listed among the top European festivals. It has also won the Best Foreign Festival at the Heavent Festival Awards in Paris and is nominated for the Best Major Festival at the European Festival Awards.


9. Praised by Top Artists

UNTOLD Festival is gearing up for another unforgettable year in 2024, with a lineup that promises to thrill festival-goers. Among the returning stars are Alok, Steve Aoki, Salvatore Ganacci, Tujamo, Martin Garrix, and Lost Frequencies, all of whom have left indelible marks on previous editions.

Here’s what some of them had to say about this incredible festival:



In 2023, Alok crafted a memorable show for UNTOLD‘s opening ceremony. Reflecting on his experiences, Alok shared:

“Honestly, I have so many good memories from here. This time I brought my wife, my twin brother, my sister-in-law, my sister, because I really wanted them to come here and enjoy it with me. When we were having the pandemic and the quarantine, here was my first gig after 2 years of break. I came here for the first time in 2021 and it was unbelievable, it was amazing, and I had something very special and some deep connection here.

And since then, every time I come here is getting better and better. I am getting more connected with the crowd here. I said this last year – It’s impossible to come here and leave as the same person. And it is true. The crazy thing about it is that even though I am here for the third time, every time I am here is a different experience.

It’s crazy because if you think about it, we are in the same place, same dates, but this is the last chance that we have to be here with the same people. You know when you have not only the DJs and the beautiful stage, but you also have a super cool crowd, and it makes it the perfect combination.

Honestly, the DJs are the last attraction of the festival, this is like the last thing. The biggest for sure is the crowd and the second will be the whole esthetics and experience that you have around here.”

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki at UNTOLD Festival

The world-renowned DJ and producer expressed his deep affection for the festival, stating:

“I love this festival so much, I really do. UNTOLD is… if I don’t play UNTOLD, if I go through summer and I don’t play UNTOLD, my heart will break! UNTOLD is the mama bear, it’s the one that makes the world turn, it’s the one the world’s watching.”

He highlighted the incredible energy of the Romanian fans, saying, “The first thing that comes in mind is the fans, Romanian fans always bring so much more energy, more passion and they always tap the bar, they are always with you for your whole set.”

Salvatore Ganacci

salvatore ganacci dj
Salvatore Ganacci

Ganacci’s love for the festival was evident in his enthusiastic feedback:

“I’m feeling good, I love it here! How would you rate the crowd from a scale of 1 to 10? You cannot rate this, this is unrateable, they are showing so much love to me that I feel that they are like my mother. Thank you for having me, you know I love Romania and I hope to come back soon!”



Having performed at every edition of UNTOLD, Tujamo remains awed by the festival’s growth and energy:

“I’m speechless! From 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023… every time… how can it be better and better every time? I don’t get it, I don’t even understand it, like what’s gonna happen next year?

It’s crazy! I love it, I have no words left! How would you describe UNTOLD in one word only? Beautiful! Come over! I think watching UNTOLD home is cool, it’s good, but the vibe here… you have to feel it, you have to feel the vibe, so come here, let’s party!”

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

The STMPD RCRDS label head and one of the world’s biggest EDM stars, eager for his return, said:

“I love being here, I love the energy, I love the crowd, I have so many beautiful memories from performing here and I can’t wait to be back on stage! I think the Romanian crowd is beautiful, they have so much energy, they love to party, I like to party so it’s amazing we get to do it together at this crazy venue!”

Lost Frequencies

Lost Frequencies img by Rafael Deprost
Lost Frequencies

Felix De Laet better known by his stage name Lost Frequencies, who had the honor of closing the festival in 2022, is set to return in 2024. Reflecting on his past experience, he shared:

“I love the crew here, they really make you feel at home, they really make you enjoy the moment. Last year I was here for the whole festival, and I really had one of the most amazing times, and of course, the crowd and the people here always come for a good moment and it’s always an amazing vibe overall the whole festival.

There is a vibe of a kind at this festival, they try to create a completely out-of-the-world atmosphere. And I think UNTOLD especially has a lot of different stages and it’s really the opportunity to go and try to listen to something different and with this mindset and with this vibe here, it’s really the opportunity to go out there and just vibe, meet new people, try new food and listen to new music.” 

UNTOLD Galaxy stage

As UNTOLD Festival 2024 approaches, excitement builds for another year of spectacular performances and unforgettable moments with some of the world’s top artists. The festival is scheduled for August 8-11, 2024, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and promises another unforgettable chapter.

UNTOLD Daydreaming Stage

With its blend of affordability, diverse line-ups, and immersive experiences, it continues to be a must-attend event for music enthusiasts worldwide. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary festival.

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Watch the official 2023 aftermovie below!

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UNTOLD Fortune Stage
UNTOLD Alchemy Stage
Boris Brejcha at the UNTOLD Galaxy stage
UNTOLD Festival
UNTOLD Time Stage
UNTOLD 2019 Galaxy stage
Untold Festival
Untold Festival 2018
UNTOLD Festival 2021
Imagine Dragons at UNTOLD 2023
Tale of Us at UNTOLD Galaxy stage