Dr. KattyWhompus is back with a bang, dropping his latest single, “Whip It”

Super-talented DJ and Producer Dr. KattyWhompus is back with a bang, dropping his latest single, “Whip It.” This track is a wild ride from start to finish, blending humor with intensity in a way that’s truly unforgettable.

Starting his journey with a passion for both sound and visuals, Dr. KattyWhompus has made a name for himself in the music scene. He’s not just rinsing records – he’s a recording engineer, lighting guru, sound designer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist.

From iconic gigs at Burning Man to the hottest clubs in San Francisco, his dirty bass sound range from mid-tempo to melodic bass all the way through to drum & bass. His tracks often feature vocalists, adding a raw touch to his surprising intense style. Despite his anonymity, his talent shines through every performance.

Whip It” was born out of a creative partnership with director Andrea Tseng. Their combined love for merging visual stories with bass-heavy music led to this release. With themes of whips and whippets, the track surprises listeners to say the least.

Dr. KattyWhompus
Dr. KattyWhompus -Whip It

The idea for “Whip It” came to life at a desert party during a dust storm at Burning Man. This wild vision led to an epic HD stock footage project, capturing the essence of their video art style.

Filming the music video was a mix of challenges and fun, with Dr. KattyWhompus taking a few accidental whip cracks in stride. The team used smoke bombs and fog machines to create a white-out effect, resulting in a visually striking and memorable shoot.

Fans can catch the premiere of the “Whip It” music video on August 11th at the Enchanted Loft, an LA micro-festival series that highlights outstanding, emerging artists.

Dr. KattyWhompus has created a track that not only showcases his distinctive style but also captures the essence of what his vision is about.

Listen to the track below.

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