The Heartwarming Tale of CHKLZ: How A Lost Dog Named Chuckles Sparked A Touring DJ Duo

CHKLZ is making waves with an explosive lineup of shows in 2024. Their vibrant performances are more than concerts—they’re full-blown celebrations of community and joy.

At every event, fans, affectionately known as ‘Doggies,’ come together, creating an atmosphere that feels like a big family gathering. The highlight of their setlist, the crowd-pleasing “White Wine Spritzer,” never fails to get everyone dancing. This track, a high-energy anthem, captures the essence of CHKLZ’s infectious sound.

The genesis of CHKLZ is as heartwarming as their music. Their name was inspired by a small, white dog named Charlie, found on a sweltering Fourth of July in Phoenix. Rescued from under a truck, Charlie, or “Chuckles” as he was fondly called, became a symbol of the group’s ethos: inclusivity, resilience, and joy.

This spirit shines through in their music, which combines intricate rhythms with live effects, creating a sound that’s both innovative and engaging.

CHKLZ – Pawsitive Vibrations North American Tour

Their rise in the dance scene has been meteoric, with accolades like Best Dance Artist 2023 by the Phoenix New Times. From local gigs to international tours, CHKLZ continues to score big time with audiences with their unique blend of live and electronic house music.

Listen to the tracks below!

Metodi Gogovski
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