Tomorrowland announces fantasy novel series ‘THE BOOK OF WISDOM’

Tomorrowland, recognized internationally for its groundbreaking fantasy-themed music festivals, have penned a trilogy of fiction-adventure novels to bring the unique magic of the festival alive in story form, together with their core values of unity, hope, love and nature.

The thrilling new book series ‘THE BOOK OF WISDOM‘, which Tomorrowland has been developing over the last five years, will captivate existing festival fans as well as resonating with a new audience of readers around the world.

After years of world-building and storytelling, Tomorrowland is now delving into their rich lore to bring its fiction from the festival grounds to bookshops worldwide. Building on the success of previous festival tie-ins, the new novel ‘THE GREAT LIBRARY OF TOMORROW‘ marks a global collaboration with publishers everywhere, allowing readers around the world to explore the Tomorrowland universe like never before.

The release of the first novel in the trilogy, ‘THE GREAT LIBRARY OF TOMORROW‘, is planned for October and November 2024: Blackstone Publishing will publish in the US and Text Publishing will be releasing in the UK and Australia.

Blanvalet Verlag (Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe) will release the German language version, Standaard Uitgeverij the Dutch language version and ActuSF in France and additional French speaking territories.

Publisher Insignis will bring the Polish version to fantasy readers. With interest from multiple publishers around the world Tomorrowland expects to announce the translation of the novel series into more languages soon.

Tomorrowland – ‘THE BOOK OF WISDOM’ trilogy Book 1


​The move into fiction creates a new chapter in Tomorrowland‘s storytelling legacy and marks the latest step in the evolution of an entertainment brand with truly global reach. The first novel of the ‘BOOK OF WISDOM‘ trilogy is titled ‘THE GREAT LIBRARY OF TOMORROW‘.

Tomorrowland Fiction is developed and written by its creative and editorial team including diverse international talent. Delivering stories set in magical worlds for adult readers to enjoy. As well as the novels, Tomorrowland Fiction is planning more literary and creative adventures including comic books tied to the Tomorrowland universe and screen adaptations.

The festival tie-in standalone books all tell the origin story of each of Tomorrowland‘s themes and the linked fantasy realm. The trilogy is a portal fantasy series taking place in the present, in different realms that are all part of the Tomorrowland universe.


​THE GREAT LIBRARY OF TOMORROW is a stunningly original epic fantasy about a band of heroes who must defeat a malevolent enemy bent on destroying the openness, love, and creativity that sustain their many realms.

Helia has served as the Sage of Hope for the Great Library of Tomorrow for centuries. She is one of the chosen few who embody and protect the values of humanity across the numerous realms of Paperworld, which are connected within the Library itself via magical Portals controlled by the Book of Wisdom.

Even Helia’s hope is tested when she and her partner Xavier, the Sage of Truth, are attacked while visiting the famous Rose Garden in the realm of Silvyra. Wounded and in shock amidst a storm of fire, they are confronted by a deadly figure known to them as the Ash Man. With the Garden destroyed and its dragon protector missing, Xavier sacrifices his life so that Helia can return home to warn the other Sages.

But there she finds the Book of Wisdom—always a guide to the Sages—eerily silent. With the Ash Man gaining strength, Helia soon finds herself in a race against time, searching for clues to the origins of their foe—and any possible way to defeat him.

The pre-order for the English, German, French and Polish language version of ‘THE GREAT LIBRARY OF TOMORROW‘ starts now. Click HERE and order your copy now. Pre-order news for other languages will follow soon.