Canguru is back with his newest powerful single, ‘Pick It Up’

Canguru is back with his newest single, ‘Pick It Up’; a Trap anthem, this latest release is poised to garner attention, welcoming listeners on a sonic journey through hypnotizing beats, alluring vocals, and mesmerizing details.

A Producer and DJ motivated by his creative energy, Canguru continues to push the boundaries of his artistry, taking to new ground as he explores fresh influences and inspirations.

With this new production, Canguru once again showcases his signature sound, highlighting his unique approach as he offers powerful sounds with ‘Pick It Up’.

Canguru – Pick It Up

During his musical journey, Canguru has remained consistent in his creative determination, working to build a catalogue of music that delivers innovation, presents compelling listening experiences, and displays his penchant for sonic exploration.

Having released his track, ‘West Goes The Sun’ earlier this year, Canguru continues to maintain his momentum, putting forward a signature style that draws inspiration from a myriad of genres; from Trap to Hip Hop to Alternative Dance, Canguru has culminated his diverse influences into a sonic identity that displays both his musical originality and deep appreciation for a variety of music.

With ‘Pick It Up’, listeners are immediately immersed in a compelling soundscape, captivated as the bold guitar riff introduces the entrancing, emotive energy of the track. As Canguru soon joins to add his vocal lines, the production quickly evolves as more sonic details layer in, creating a driving sound that pushes the track forward.

Featuring shuffled beats, underlying low end, and an anthemic lead, ‘Pick It Up’ keeps the sonic experience engaging, continually incorporating fresh details to elevate the dynamic vibes of the track further.

A production original in musical character, displaying Canguru’s talents when it comes to creating catchy yet moving music, ‘Pick It Up’ emerges as an ideal listen to discover the individuality of Canguru’s sonic world.

So, stay tuned and be sure to follow Canguru across social media, as he will no doubt continue dropping powerful music for listeners worldwide to enjoy.

Listen to the track below.

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