David Paul and Smith & Sorren Collaborate for the Electrifying ‘A Good Thang’

“A Good Thang,” is out and it’s a firecracker. Bette Midler’s vocals draw you in, the basslines hit hard with a four-on-the-floor beat, and the percussion keeps you hooked. It’s smooth, infectious, and perfect for clubs.

Smith & Sorren’s performance at Hood Politics MMW is a turning point. This event ignited pivotal industry connections, setting the stage for their rise in the electronic scene.

For David Paul, the story started in Orange County with her parents becoming an encouraging force for him musically. With San Francisco Bay Area roots, his influences regionally and digitally help him fall into the positive place he’s at today.

david paul
David Paul and Smith & Sorren – A Good Thang

Smith & Sorren, hailing from New York City, are driven by relentless passion and hard work. Their story is one of dedication and a deep love for their craft. For these boys, they have been featured on major Spotify playlists like Housewerk and Friday Crate Diggers, while being supported by heavyweights like David Guetta, Diplo, and The Chainsmokers.

David Paul stands out in his own right, with releases on Desert Hearts and blaah!, showcasing both how far he’s come and where he is going.

A Good Thang,” is a sure fire winner no matter how you cut the cake. Whether you are killin’ it in the club, cuttin’ it up with the crew, or are just ready for a high energy banger of a track, this is the one for you.

Listen to the track below.