Rezz Releases Official ‘Edge’ Remixes Feat. Blanke & X1-Y2 via mau5trap

rezz and griz
REZZ ,Shot by Will Selviz

Electronic visionary Rezz has released an official remix package of her 2016-released hit ‘Edge’ out now via mau5trap. The new remix package includes Rezz’s recently-released 2024 version along with a new remix from Blanke and collaborative remix from Rezz and anonymous producer X1-Y2.

One of the most iconic tracks in her discography, ‘Edge‘ has received three exciting uplifts that catalog the evolution of Rezz‘s sound and the long-standing impact of her breakout record.

Alongside Rezz‘s own rework, Blanke‘s fan-driven festival flip has received a well-deserved upgrade, revamped into a proper remix fueled by monstrous synth leads and zippering basslines.

Rezz remixes mau5trap
Rezz Edge remixes

Here’s what Rezz had to say about it:

“Blanke’s remix is so good and I’ve been playing it in my sets for like a year. He’s a great artist and I’m so grateful he did this for leisure and now it will be an official release.” 

The package also sees Rezz continue to collaborate with bass newcomers like X1-Y2, mentoring those similar to the way she was once mentored by mau5trap labelhead, deadmau5. Together, Rezz and X1-Y2 provide a divergent approach from her solo 2024 version, throttling the industrial tones and twisted rhythms of the original ‘Edge‘ into new sonic realms.

“X1-Y2 is a recent fav artist of mine that I plan to work with a lot more. This ‘Edge’ remix was our first time working together to test the waters of bringing my composition/directional ideas while using his absolute nerd-level production and sound design ability” Rezz continues.

The ‘Edge‘ remixes arrive hot on the heels of Rezz‘s latest album, CAN YOU SEE ME?, a daring testament to the ever-evolving bass sounds she’s pioneered for nearly a decade as one of electronic music’s foremost innovators.

Listen to the remixes below.