Mathew Jonson returns to Crosstown Rebels with ‘Tako Tako’

Mathew Jonson has developed one of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance music. His take on house and techno is rich in synth craft and high on captivating emotions, all shaped by his notoriously extensive collection of analogue and hardware gear that he can play, manipulate and use like few others.

An electronic mastermind renowned for releasing countless seminal tracks and albums, both solo and as a member of Cobblestone Jazz, he returns to a label that has been a constant throughout his career. With his ‘Tako Tako’ EP, he offers two more superb journeys on Crosstown Rebels.

Here’s what Mathew Jonson had to say about the release:

“In Japanese, “tako” (タコ) refers to both the octopus as an animal and as food. Unlike in English, where “beef” is the food and “cow” is the animal, Japanese often uses the same word for both.

So, “tako” is used whether you’re talking about the living octopus or a dish made from it. I stopped eating tako 23 years ago when I realized they have significant spiritual importance, not only here on Earth but also across the entire galaxy.” 

Mathew Jonson
Mathew Jonson – Tako Tako

The fantastic ‘Tako Tako’ kicks off with Jonson’s signature mix of elegant and refined synth craft, with dancing melodies bringing futuristic energy and neon colour to crunchy beats. They are smeared and smudged in a painterly fashion and help make this production a pulsating dancefloor thrill.

Equally standout is ‘Just a Little Bit’, powered by a jostling broken beat with a warm bassline and wordless vocals sampled throughout. It’s funky, kinetic, always on the move, and rounds out another one of Jonson’s fantastically inventive yet effective EPs.

Listen to the tracks here.