The brand new CORE stage is coming to Tomorrowland Brasil 2024

More than 180.000 People of Tomorrow will be witnessing the legendary new CORE stage in full effect with performances by Âme (live), Antdot b2b Maz, Bonobo (DJ set), Denis Sulta, Mila Journée, Mochakk, Vintage Culture, and more

The new CORE stage is coming to Tomorrowland Brasil 2024! After a series of spectacular shows in Tulum (Mexico) and Medellín (Colombia), the legendary CORE stage is travelling to the magical grounds of Parque Maeda in Itu, São Paulo, on October 11-13, welcoming world-class performances alongside a spectacular audiovisual experience by the scene’s finest acts in house and techno, including ​Âme (live), Antdot b2b Maz, Bibi Seck, Bonobo (DJ set), CESRV, Cormac, Curol, Dan Shake, Denis Sulta, Dino Lenny, Due, Ellen Allien b2b BADSISTA, fka.4ma, Gop Tun DJs, Mila Journée, Mochakk, Samm, Soldera and Vintage Culture.

Entirely designed and crafted in-house by Tomorrowland‘s renowned creative team, the new CORE stage takes festival-goers on a truly immersive multi-sensory journey, enveloped in a symphony of lights, dynamic videos, and enchanting scents.

The stage’s rocky structure, intertwined with nature and water elements, is breathtaking on its own, but gets even better as impressive lights and laser beams dance around the stage. With sunlight as a backdrop, the stage will create a perfect, cheerful atmosphere, seamlessly blending into the rich scenery and natural beauty of Parque Maeda. As night falls, prepare to embark on a deeper journey, guided by the central video wall into realms of more dark dreams.

CORE Stage
CORE Stage Tomorrowland Brasil 2024

After its spectacular world premiere in Tulum’s jungle in January, the mythical new CORE stage also left a lasting impression in Colombia in May and instantly turned into a crowd favorite among music fans in South America.

In July, the CORE stage will travel back to the enchanting forests of Tomorrowland in Belgium for the festival’s iconic 20-year anniversary, before making its way to Brazil to end the year in style during another edition of Tomorrowland Brasil in October.

Core stage
CORE Stage

The new CORE stage

The stage is 17 meters high and 30 meters wide.
All stage decoration is inflatable.
The entire stage has been developed for touring, everything fits into 1 container. ​
209 moving lights
20 wash beams
96 strobe lights
95 LED flares
34 LED par spots
14 water fountains
14 water geysers
28 water LED washes
40 fireworks fountains
15 CO2 shooters
15 LED bars
45 fog machines
22 bubble smoke machines

Last year, Tomorrowland celebrated its grand return to Brazil with people from around the world reflecting their love. This year’s Brazilian edition will introduce more than 180.000 People of Tomorrow from all across the planet into the world of ‘Adscendo‘ during three spectacular days in October, creating memories of a lifetime.