DJ Fatboy Slim plays a most unique set for baby ravers [VIDEO]


Norman Quentin Cook, better known by his stage name Fatboy Slim has been performing legendary sets in front of thousands of fans at any major EDM festival. But yesterday, he played a most unique set for kids between the ages od 3 and 9.

Inside of a tent in one of the festival’s many venues, he gave children of his hometown the chance to dance and play while he spun 2-hour gentle mix of house music and techno.

“I can safely say this the first time I’ve done a gig for babies and their parents,” he told the BBC . “It was great fun for both me and my daughter though, and the crowd were so up for it.”

It was a family-friendly gig as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. This all may look weird to you but good guy Fatboy Slim has agreed to play this gig as a way to repay organizer Lesley Woodall for a favor about 20 years ago.

Fatboy Slim’s DJ performance was only one of over nine hundred unique events, installations and workshops held during the weekend’s festival.

Watch this funny video of baby ravers turning up to Slim’s iconic hit “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” below.