Cynthia Lacle unveils her newest single, ‘Rave’ via Blanco y Negro

Cynthia Lacle unveils her newest single, ‘Rave’ via Blanco y Negro. A stellar new Hard Techno track, the production no doubt brings the energy, serving as powerful proof of Cynthia Lacle’s distinct and impressive talents, cementing her prominent place on the scene even further.

Having been taking the genre by storm, with several milestone successes to her name, Cynthia Lacle appears as a rising talent on the scene and one to surely keep watching.

With credits that include winning the 2017 Dutch DJ Championships and climbing the charts with her single ‘Hunger’, Cynthia Lacle is making her presence known within the realm of Electronic Music, and it is a presence that is no doubt becoming more and more prominent. It is her determination that sets her apart, marking her out as a driven force, unstoppable in her ambition to succeed.

Cynthia Lacle – Rave

As she continues to bring striking music to her followers, Cynthia Lacle’s reputation within the genre is continuing to grow, marking her out as not only a skilled and talented Producer but also an unmissable DJ on the scene.

Now, as she offers this new track to her listeners, Cynthia Lacle places her talents and skillset at the forefront, presenting a production high in quality and driving in sound. Featuring a relentless bassline, ‘Rave’ captures attention from the very first beat, invigorating listeners with its thumping beats and growling layers of sound. As a compelling vocal introduces the hook, electrifying sonic hits add an element of diversity to the track, keeping the listening journey immersive and engaging.

Soon, the energy is elevated even further as full-bodied pads and gripping lead guide the listener through the track, taking them on a voyage through dark sonic details, persistent melodies, and intense rhythms.

A must-listen production, this new track from Cynthia Lacle certainly comes as a thrilling addition to her catalogue, showing this talented Producer and DJ to be keeping her drive and momentum high as she carries on her exhilarating musical journey.

So, a talent not to be missed, make sure to follow Cynthia Lacle across social media to stay up-to-date with her upcoming releases and live shows.

Listen to the the track below.