Pizza Hut has created the world’s first playable DJ pizza box [VIDEO]

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The fast-food giant Pizza Hut unveils the “world’s first playable DJ pizza box” that turns the folding cardboard container into a complete turntable setup, including two decks, volume sliders, pitch controls, sync button and a crossfader.

Created by printed electronics expert Novalia, the battery-powered box connects to your smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth and is compatible with DJ software like Serato or Dj Pro. As Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra demonstrates in the video embedded below, you can scratch, rewind, control pitch and crossfade.

But before you get all excited and think you can finally become a DJ for cheap, you should know this slipmat will be hard to get your greasy paws on. The company said it’ll only give a small number of them away. Only five will be doled out across Pizza Hut‘s 350 United Kingdom restaurants. To find out where they will be available, keep your eyes on Pizza Hut’s UK Twitter account.