A band of hooligans destroy White Ocean Camp at Burning Man

photo by Austin Hou

In a world full of negativity and judgment, Burning Man is a place where everyone can be loved and accepted, place where you can soak up the effervescent rays radiating from the collective burner vibes. A place where you can just enjoy yourself with people who share the same passion as you. This unfortunately did not turn out to be the case for one of the larger camps at the Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

A camp called White Ocean which was created by friends from all over the globe to connect and create an experience for all burners new and old to enjoy, seem to have sabotaged after a night out enjoying the Playa.

White Ocean said in a statement that a band of hooligans raided their camp, stole from them, pulled and sliced all of their electrical lines.

I think what happened last night should be known on social media. I see it as a great opportunity to turn a…

Posted by White Ocean on Thursday, September 1, 2016