Must-Have Items For You And Your Date at a Summer Music Fest

You know that you and your lover have a shared interest in music. Doesn’t it make sense to spend quality time together and have an amazing time at a summer music fest? Of course, it does! There’s just one caveat. Nothing will ruin your festival date faster than coming unprepared, particularly if you don’t have a lot of festival experience yourself. Guarantee yourself and your date a good time by using this as your ultimate music-fest packing list.

Sun Protection

Suburned? Prepare to be miserable for the rest of the fest, and forget about getting lucky! It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy or cold, you need sun protection if you’re going to be outdoors. Start with a high SPF sunscreen, but remember that barrier methods are best. Throw on a bucket hat, grab a pair of shades, and a light base layer to protect your arms.


The right tech makes these events better, and can even keep the two of you safe. Your phone’s a must-have, but don’t forget the portable chargers. One is fine if you’re going back to the hotel at night. Are you camping? In that case, bring along an extra. Yes, even if there are (supposedly) electrical hookups.

Are you following the low-tech trend? In that case, run by your latest big box store for a flip phone and a disposable camera.

Here are a few other items that can make your music festival date just a little better:

  • Flashlights or headlamps
  • Kaleidoscope Goggles
  • Personal fans
  • Portable speakers


Be prepared. Nothing is worse than missing a great act because you must run into town to pick up some necessities. Here’s the gear you need:

First Aid Kit

Forget the lines at the first aid tent. You can deal with most minor injuries yourself. All you need is a mixed pack of bandaids, petroleum jelly for cuts and scrapes, alcohol wipes, ibuprofen, antacids, and moleskin for blisters.


Keep in mind that different festivals have rules about these. Some limit size and style. Others might ask you to bring a clear pack only. Still, get a backpack or duffel for all of your gear to keep your hands free.


Never assume that you’re going to have decent access to moist wipes, TP, menstruation products, dry shampoo, etc. Bring a stash in your car.


Grab a stack of microfiber or otherwise absorbent towels and throw them in your trunk before you go. They’re ideal for wiping the sweat away, impromptu showers, and cleaning up messes.


Like backpacks, these may be subject to festival rules. Still, if you can bring one, a cooler is a game changer. Bring in your own food and canned drinks to save money and skip the food lines.


This is a must-have, even during the hottest days of summer. Let’s be honest. There’s a lack of clean, comfortable places to sit at festivals. Bring a blanket along, and you’ll always have a place to sit.

Extra Socks

Don’t leave without clean socks for yourself and your date. Because blisters suck. Seriously, they can ruin a festival, and nobody wants to waste hundreds or thousands of dollars like that.

Crocs or Flip Flops

You need extra shoes, but your daily kicks are too bulky to drag around in your backpack. Instead, get something lightweight and comfortable like a pair of flip-flops or Crocs.

Comfort And Weather Protection

Sun, rain, and cold – You’re guaranteed to deal with at least two of these things at any outdoor music fest. You’ve got the sunscreen and a blanket already. That’s a great start! Now, throw in a couple of those emergency rain ponchos you can get in the camping section at any department store. Add an umbrella or get fashionable with a parasol and silk fan.


Keep hydrated, especially if you party hard. Throw extra water bottles in your car – it doesn’t matter how many you have – assume you’ll need more. If you can bring it into the festival grounds, consider a camelback or other hydration vest.

Prep is Key to a Great Festival Date

You’ve met someone who shares your taste in music. If not, check out Hily to meet someone who vibes like you. Now, you can make plans to attend a music fest together, bond over your shared passion, and get to know one another even more. Even better, thanks to this list you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next.