Burning Man exodus: 9 hours wait during search for a missing teenager [PHOTOS]

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Along with Entry, Exodus (i.e. leaving Burning Man) is potentially the most painful part of the event if you hate lines.

Sunday night was a traffic nightmare as Burning Man organizers closed the gates for several hours to search for a 17-year-old girl who had gone missing, creating a 9 hours wait for those seeking to leave the event.

The girl, who apparently attended the festival was found safe on the playa, according to a Burning Man spokesman.

But the traffic didn’t stop Sunday after the missing girl was found. “Prime time” traffic kicked up on Monday, with organizers encouraging people to wait until Tuesday to leave

Some people missed their flights, according to social media, while others fell asleep behind the wheel as they waited for traffic to clear, the Gazette-Journal reports.

According to Gazzete-Journal, one festival-goer counted 18 rows of cars that stretched two miles deep on Sunday afternoon as the temporary city of 70,000 people came to an end. Organizers metered the vehicles leaving the playa to relieve pressure on the single two-lane highway that leads out of the Black Rock Desert.

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