The enigmatic viral phrase “ Om Telolet Om ” finally explained

om telolet om
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Since yesterday, the whole dance music Twitterverse exploded with tweets of the enigmatic phrase “Om Telolet Om”. But what does this pharse really mean ?

Ever since superstar DJs such as Zedd and DJ Snake tweeted the phrase with no context on Dec. 20, many have been wondering: What does “Om Telolet Om” mean?

We’ve been wondering around, searching for some kind of explanation, and luckily, Indonesian Twitter finally came with an answer, explaining that it’s just a local meme that has spread all over the world.

One month ago, the Indonesian Facebook sphere overwhelmed the social media with videos of children standing on the streets of Ngabul, Jepara, Central Java, roaring “Om Telolet Om” at passing inter-province buses. The expression om telolet om actually means “Sir, honk your horn, sir”, and when bus drivers honk to produce the telolet sound, the kids cheer happily.

We still don’t understand why this phrase spread through the dance music world so fast and with that much intensity.

Here are the tweets: