Diplo’s Super Bowl show shut down by police [VIDEO]

super bowl
img via rukes.com

Diplo‘s pre-Super Bowl show in Houston, Texas was shut down by police.

The American DJ and producer got in on the Super Bowl activities this year and yesterday he was performing at the Rolling Stone’s private party related to the annual championship game.

Diplo who didn’t hit the stage at the Museum of Fine Arts until 1am, evidently played past the event’s official wrap time, so the police closed down the show as they turned on the lights, took the mic out of his hands and told the attendees to “start moving out”.

When Diplo, came to the edge of the stage to say goodbye to his fans, one of them asked: “How does it feel, you just shut down the Super Bowl party?” to which the DJ replied: “I hope I just warmed up for the Falcons tomorrow.”

Check out the video below