Shots Fired!!! John O’Callaghan said what he thinks about commercial trance DJ’s

John O'Callaghan
John O'Callaghan

John O’Callaghan, the Irish Trance DJ and producer, calls out “trance producers” who left the genre for commercial EDM just to make more money.

Recently he was guest at Armin van Buuren‘s latest 800 episode of “A State Of Trance” and he used the opportunity to say what he really thinks about all the commercial trance DJs.

John O’Callaghan was way to honest when Armin asked for his opinion about how he felt about Trance making a comeback, which he explained that the genre never really left. He went on to reiterate that Trance music has always been around, it’s the artists choosing a quantity of cash rather than a quality of tracks.

Listen to John O’Callaghan LIVE performance from “A State Of Trance” episode 800 below as well!