BREAKING: Feed Me unintentionally reveals who Marshmello really is [PICTURE]

marshmello identity
Marshmello, img via

Jonathan Gooch, a drum and bass, dubstep and electro house producer, better known as Feed Me, unintenionally reveals who Marshmello really is.

After multiple theories and Twitter disses, some ripped jeans and a tattoo slip may have proved to us that the mysterious masked DJ Marshmello may just in fact be Chris Comstock, better known as Dotcom. But today, thanks to his colleague Feed Me, we have the strongest proof.

About an hour ago, Feed Me posted an Instagram story with picture of him wearing a Marshmello helmet, but he didn’t know that Chris Comstock, dressed in all white outfit, was reflected in the mirror behind him.

His Instagram story was quickly deleted, but, anyway we still have the picture. Check it out below.

Who Marshmello is

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