Did Slushii Steal Marshmello’s Identity? [VIDEO]

Skrillex, Marshmello and Slushii

Not quite, but the bass producer did add a twist to his performance at Something Wonderful in Dallas, Texas this past weekend when he introduced his transformation, “Slushmello” to the crowd.

During his set, Slushii stooped behind the booth, shoved his head into his own “Marshmello-like” helmet, then stood up to reveal his new costume to the crowd as he dropped into his remix of “Alone.

However, this identity morph is only temporary, according to Slushii’s Facebook page, and the producer continues to look up to his Marshmello mentor.

In early 2016, Marshmello discovered Slushii and his manager, Moe Shalizi, agreed to invest in him. From there the producer’s career took off and he’s now a growing international icon, continuing to surprise his fans at every show. Check out Slushii shocking the crowd with his helmet joke below.