The Chainsmokers crashed Huntley High School’s Prom last night [VIDEO]

The Chainsmokers Prom
img via The Chainsmokers' Twitter

Prom night took a legendary turn for a suburban Chicago high school this weekend, when the famous electronic dance pop duo, The Chainsmokers, crashed the party.

Students of Huntley High School were shocked when The Chainsmokers showed up at their prom Saturday at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosemont and gave a 10-minute performance. The duo performed their biggest hit “Closer” and then ran over to the Allstate Arena for their concert.

You want proof? Here it is, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall shared a legendary photo from their impromptu gig.

According to dailyherald the performance was pre-planned. Some kid from the school had contacted their management a couple weeks before to schedule the “impromptu” show. But most of the students at the prom had no idea they would show.

Huntley High School Principal Scott Rowe said that an email from a student, who is also a Chainsmokers fan, struck a chord with Taggart and Pall, who played the show for free as a favor to the prom-goers.

“About two weeks ago I got this random phone call that I happened to answer, and on the other end this person said ‘This is going to be the strangest call you’ve ever received, but one of your students actually sent an email to the manager of the band …” Rowe said.

Check out the video below.