Diplo deleted his new track after he got roasted by fans on Twitter

diplo deleted his new track
Justin Bieber & Diplo img via Billboard

Last week, Diplo released his latest hit, ‘Bankroll’, a single featuring Justin Bieber, Young Thug, and Rich the Kid but surprisingly, his fans didn’t give it the best feedback.

Collaborating with such established and well-known artists, one would think the track would be nothing short from amazing, but Twitter users clearly had a different opinion in mind. After receiving an unenthusiastic response, the 38-year-old DJ and record producer, later removed the track from his SoundCloud page just days after its May 11th release.

Although it is unclear if the disappearance has anything to do with the backlash of negativity, we can definitely be sure Diplo wasn’t in the mood for the criticism.

Hopefully the DJ is taking the track back to the studio because we all know what he’s capable of. Good luck to ya, Diplo and better luck next time.

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