DJ Snake cancels set at major festival, deletes his Twitter and Instagram and shared “You’ve disappointed me”on his last snap

dj snake cancels
photo by Tim Mosenfelder

Beloved artist DJ Snake has unexpectedly taken a mysterious hiatus from the EDM scene.

After delivering amazing performances at Coachella and Ultra Miami, he has disappointed fans worldwide by canceling his set for this weekend at Hang Out Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL.

The shocked festival has tweeted saying that Lil Yachty will be taking his place at 4:45 PM.

If you thought it stopped there, than you’re in for some news. After canceling his set, Snake went on and deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts and would also send out a final snap labeled, “Tu ma’s decu” meaning “you’ve disappointed me”.

No one is really sure what to believe of this change of events but there have been a few theories. A users on Reddit commented that they think he got pulled over for a DUI, but the rest of us find this hard to believe due to the private jet he takes to festivals.

Another theory is that he is continuously dealing with his law suit regarding his major hit “Turn Down for What.” As more updates are released about this topic we’ll be sure to let you guys know!

The strangest thing about all of this is a few different Dj’s like Mercer and Ruiz-Picasso are tweeting out comments like, “don’t trust the internet“. So this leaves us confused and thinking that it may possibly be a publicity stunt.