Dj Snake finally explained the reason behind his disappearance from social media

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The French superstar DJ and producer, DJ Snake is finally back on the social media after a brief absence of 11 days.

As you may already know he cancelled last minute on Hangout Music Festival, and removed his Twitter and Instagram accounts the very same day. At the same time, he also sent one last cryptic Snap that read, “You’ve disappointed me”.

DJ Snake returned with a cryptic photo on Instagram sitting on the top of a sand-dune and a message explaining his whereabouts: “It’s okay to take a break from everything. Unplug & reconnect with yourself.”

It’s okay to take a break from everything. Unplug & reconnect with yourself.

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He also shared the same status on his Twitter profile.

And many of his friends showed that they are happy to see him back and well.

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Alex Gelevski is our official photographer. He has been listening to electronic dance music since middle school. Apart from being photographer for Rave Jungle he likes to play basketball in his spare time.


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