Axwell^Ingrosso canceled festival performance after car break-in and theft [Detalis Here]

Axwell /\ Ingrosso
photo via Magnum PR

For weeks now we’ve been patiently waiting for Chicago’s Spring Awakening festival and it’s finally here. The 2017 addition has a lineup stacked with talent, but there will be one major change.

As you may already know, the Swedish super duo Axwell^Ingrosso were scheduled to perform at the Solstice Stage this evening, as well as an official SAMF after party at Prysm, but unfortunatelly that ain’t gonna happen.

Ingrosso‘s car was vandalized, and his laptop and passport were stolen, making travel to the United States, with the necessary, legal work permit impossible at this moment.

Ticket holders for Axwell^Ingrosso afterparty at Prysm will be automatically refunded, but if they want to, they can attend Yellow Claw ‘s performance at the after party who have been tapped as the official replacement.