ODESZA is back with their newest album “A Moment Apart” and new tour !!!

Photo by PSquared Photography

ODESZA fans, the wait is over !!! Three years after the release of “In Return”, this electronic duo is back with big plans for their newest album and tour.

The album, titled “A Moment Apart” is set for release on September 8th, along with a widespread tour spanning over 27 shows across the states and Europe. The title was inspired by the creative feats that the two have been working through over the past few years, and the new release teases heavily at exposing a more mature side to the duo’s talent.

It will feature 16 new tracks for their listeners, featuring collaborations with other artist such as RY X, Regina Spektor, and Leon Bridges. This news follow the drop of two singles, titled “Corners of the earth” and “Meridian” which are both available for plays on their spotify page.

Take a listen to the tracks below, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for a tour date near you!

ODESZA TOUR DATES: http://odesza.com/#tourHero

Angel Park
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