Thomas Gold delivers new club banger ‘The Chant’ !!!

Thomas Gold continues his white-hot production streak, returning full force to his club roots with ‘The Chant’, an almighty offering out now on Armada Music.

This is a Thomas Gold that fans new and old will instantly recognize. From the moment the first beat drops, the German producer indulges in fast-paced syncopated whistles, energetic percussion and chugging synths that swirl around his core composition with fearless ferocity and pace.

In a phenomenal ‘hands in the air’ moment of orchestral euphoria – and one that sees Gold’s confidence in his abilities shining through – he drops an absolutely crushing segue that should serve as a staple for every single festival mainstage this year. Levels increasing, sounds swelling, strings vibrating in unison and drums hitting the rhythm, the drop shows a mind-blowingly masterful understanding of the dynamics of the modern dance floor.

Thomas Gold
Thomas Gold ‘The Chant’

the second half of his 2017 long player ‘Revelation’ set to drop later this year, plus a raft of huge remixes and even more original music, fans of the German are in for an absolute treat.

Listen to the track below.