Ghastly gets the Ugliest Tattoo Ever after Epic Viral Tweet !!! [VIDEO]

Ghastly tattoo
Ghastly img via OWSLA

Last month, David Lee Crow better known by his stage name ‘Ghastly‘ sent out a playful tweet that eventually came back to bite him.

What his tweet said was actually hilarious. It stated that if his post got 10,000 retweets he’d get a tattoo of Rosie O’Donnell putting a fidget spinner up her vag. For some reason he must of thought a tweet like this wouldn’t go viral, well he was wrong. Not long after the post went up, not only did EDM fans retweet it but other DJ’s decided to get involved with the fun too.

Ghastly would later go on to say that he should have said 100,000 retweets!!

Check out his video below with the beginning stages of his tattoo in the works.