Rob Swire Takes Jabs at Marshmello and Knife Party on Twitter !!!


While Deadmau5 is usually the name that comes up when hearing about Twitter beefs, this time he stayed out of it.

The Australian singer-songwriter who is also known to not shy from voicing his opinions, recently decided to take a jab at the mysterious masked DJ and producer, Marshmello. He makes it clear that he’s simply not satisfied with his music and kinda seemed annoyed. Swire later goes on a rant taking jabs at Knife Party saying they should have stayed in Australia sucking di*ks. I think he’s drunk.

DnB pioneers Chase and Status chimed in to side with Swire about the overall annoyance of Marshmello and his famous white bucket. Marshmello would take the high road and comment saying, that no matter what Swire and Chase and Status think of him and his music he will always respect what they’ve done for the music world.

Take a look at their exchange below.