Afrojack saved Hardwell during emergency plane landing


While traveling over the Adriatic Sea after Ultra Europe festival in Croatia, the Dutch superstar DJ Hardwell found himself into a less than stellar situation due to his private jet experiencing technical difficulties.

30 minutes into his flight, the pilot made an announcement that there were some ongoing issues with the flaps on the plane. Luckily for Hardwell, fellow DJ Afrojack was back on the ground near Split, still waiting for his own plane to arrive. When he called to ask if he could catch a ride, Afrojack welcomed Hardwell onto his plane with open arms.

The two even managed to find some down time to work together a few tracks, which will (hopefully) be released soon? According to Hardwell’s tour manager, “people can expect that they may release something today.”

Thankfully, the two made it to their final destinations safely, but what an interesting trip the two had for sure ! One passenger on the plane, exasperated after they were finally on the ground, said, “You haven’t lived until you think you’re gonna crash.”