Bassnectar Goes on Another Twitter Rant !!!

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img via aLIVE coverage

A very rare and random rant hit the internet today when Bassnectar decided to blow up Twitter.

Now, although no one really know’s what started all of this, it’s rumored that some Pretty Lights fans misinterpreted something Bassnectar said about a ‘River Beats’ blog. Just another drama filled rumor based upon some random opinion, but on the other hand these two tweets seem to be intertwined.

This seems to be the tweet that got the pot stirring, with both Pretty Lights fans and Bassnectar fans chiming in.

The whole thing is strange because Bassnectar is known for staying out of the limelight and avoiding interviews. Then on top of that he actually called out ‘Whooks’ who we all know make up a lot of his fan base.

Over the last couple months seems like he’s done more interviews and has been involved in more twitter rants than he ever has over his career. What’s up with Bassnectar ??