Bassnectar Slams EDM Calling it Silly !!!

Bassnectar img via aLive Coverage

When ‘Bassnectar’ agrees to an interview, you know he’s going to have something good to say.

In a recent interview with Westwordfollowing his Electric Forest appearance, he had some interesting things to say about the whole ‘EDM Scene’.

“Well, to be clear, I 100 percent don’t feel like I’m any part of EDM anymore than I’m part of hip-hop or rock and roll. […] I feel EXTREMELY — and you can put that in all caps — disinterested in EDM.  […] I think there’s a lot of good, inventive minds, but I don’t think they’re EDM. And I think EDM is something I just don’t know anything about. But it looks really silly to me.”

Lorin Ashton would later go on to say that he doesn’t identify himself with the term ‘EDM’. He also had this to say about the importance of DJ’s these days.

“When I was growing up, I didn’t care who the DJ was or where they were. I didn’t care. And now, it’s such a preposterous parody of itself. Some goon — myself included — on a stage. It’s so preposterous to me. No offense to anyone.”

You can check out the whole interview here and decide for yourself if you agree with the things Bassnectar is saying about the EDM World.