REZZ Releases Fourth Single Titled ‘Drugs’ From Her Debut Album


Visionary Canadian electronic producer and DJ REZZ drops her bold new single ‘DRUGS!’, the fourth and final teaser for her highly-anticipated debut album ‘Mass Manipulation’, out 4th August via mau5trap.

Fast becoming an artist in the vanguard of forward thinking electronic music, REZZ is consistently proving a well-deserved place amongst her peers. In her album ‘Mass Manipulation’ she uses flourishes of exotic melody to construct a strand of musical fibre that weaves throughout each of the tracks, giving the album a sense of purpose and direction.

In ‘DRUGS!’, REZZ and enigmatic producer 13 take this musical framework established in ‘Relax’, ‘Diluted Brains’, and ‘Premonition’ and warp it to create a psychedelic, dub-influenced cut.

With epic synths, hypnotic melody and mind-altering bass, ‘DRUGS!’ is a track that smacks of REZZ’s characteristic open-minded and progressive approach to electronic music.

Listen to the track below.