Deadmau5 vs Kayzo on Twitter : Who’s copying who ?

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Deadmau5 AP Photo/Victoria Will

Despite claiming to be going offline for his wedding this weekend, DJ and producer, Deadmau5 is continuing his notorious stream of Twitter feuds.

After raging against Armin van Burren a week ago after his “troll” stunt he pulled at Tomorrowland festival 2017,Deadmau5 is now going head to head with Kayzo, who recently pulled the same gag him and countless other DJs beforehand.

The troll stunt in question involves the DJ pretending to be having “technical difficulties” during his/her set, and then a blue screen is displayed. After about 30 seconds, a “test” is run, involving a blip that runs the festival’s lazers, lights, pyrotechnics, and left and right channels, all while a booming narrator’s voice navigates the entire stunt.

Unfortunately for Kayzo, this trick has been run long before he tried it, and Deadmau5 was quick to call him out on that.

Read the Twitter convo below:

DJ Jauz also commented on the spat, joining in with:

And when it all settled, Kayzo left with this final tweet: