Exclusive Interview: Andrew Rayel announced his own label called ‘In Harmony’

andrew rayel
Andrew Rayel

Andrew Rayel has been regarded as one of the more genuine and transparent individuals within the trance music scene. Despite his busy schedule he sat down with Rave Jungle during this year’s edition of Tomorrowland festival in Belgium to fill us in on what he’s got in store in the coming months.

During our conversation, the Trance superstar opens up about his passion for Trance music, his new album “Moments“, the current dance music scene and many more. Among other things Rayel also announced his own label called “In Harmony“.

How do you like it here in Belgium and what you think about this year’s edition of Tomorrowland festival ?

Andrew: Well, Tomorrowland is definitely one of the biggest and greatest festivals in the world, and is a very big honour to play here. This is my fourth year playing here, last year i played at the Mainstage and it was one of my biggest dreams come true. You know it’s always a big pleasure to be here at Tomorrowland festival where fans gather from all around the world.

How do you decide what songs will go on your show ? And what’s one track that always find place in your sets ?

Andrew: Probably the one track that i never stop playing is ‘Dark Warrior’, it’s a track that fans know everywhere. Usually Tomorrowland festival is a good place to premier a lot of new music, and that’s what i’m gonna do today. I will treat the fans tonight with some material from my new album.

You’ve recently released your new artist album called “Moments”. Can you tell us a little more about this new album ?

Andrew: Well i’ve been working on this new album for like two years or so and i’ve got collaborations with legendary vocalists such as Emma Hewitt, Christina Novelli and a lot of other great artists. It’s evolution of the sound, starting from something slower and more melodic going to something really fast and harder. I’ve decided to make it very diverse, cause it gets very boring when you use the very same sound all the time.

And what’s your personal favorite track from this album ?

Andrew: There’s no one favorite track, because i’ve made them all with the same passion and i love all the tracks equally. So you guys, have to choose what’s your favorite 🙂

What does the remainder of summer hold for you ?

Andrew: I’m gonna do shows at Hï Ibiza, there are a lot of upcoming music festivals for me here in Europe, i’m gonna play at Electronic Family, Creamfields and many more. After that we are going to Asia, cause we did our first part of the global tour only in the United States at massive EDM festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas, and now we’ll change our direction for our Asian fans.

Do you think Trance music gets the attention it deserves ?

Andrew: I mean, only god knows what Trance music really deserves 🙂 but obviously we want this genre to have everything. It never died, it’s never gonna die it’s still there, there are still a lot of Trance fans, as you can see there’s a whole stage here at Tomorrowland dedicated only for Trance music, so yeah it probably gets the attention.

Please recommend two young Trance DJs to our readers which you feel deserve their attention ?

Andrew: Well, i would say David Gravell, i really like his Trance sound. Also there’s Willem de Roo and Husman, these two guys are really making great tracks so i would definitely recommend them.

What do you think about DJs yelling during their sets all the time, like ‘Get your f**king hands up‘ or ‘Are you f**cking ready 1,2,3‘ ?

Andrew: I’m ok if someone wants to do that, if they feel they wanna engage with the crowd in that way than i’m totally fine with that. If you do it in a respectful way, and you’re doing it nicely in your set, not every 20 seconds or stuff like that, than it’s ok. But if you do it way to often, than it gets kinda boring.

What advice would you give to DJs & producers who are starting out ?

Andrew: It’s very easy, at the beginning you gotta follow someone, make something that you really like and that someone else is already making it. And when you reach a very professional level, when you feel confident enough so you can create your own thing, than you should start searching for something unique and new. Make something completely different that defines you as an artist and that you think people gonna like.

It’s ok at the beginning to make something similar to other artists in order to learn how to make it properly, and when you feel ready than search for something new and unique.

Any plans for the future ?

Andrew: Well i’m planning to release my own label called “In Harmony” under the Armada music, and it’s gonna be launched by the end of the summer. Now i’m ready to promote other people and not only myself.

Listen to Andrew Rayel‘s Tomorrowland 2017 LIVE set below !