The results are frightening: Study shows 40% of Ecstasy in U.K & U.S.A are Cut !

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After recent reports surfaced claiming Fentanyl laced pills were on the market, Meth and Cocaine tainted pills are also currently flooding the streets.

New research suggests that the U.S. has seen a 763% increase in psychostimulant-related deaths since 1999. One of the leading causes of this is cheaply made laced narcotics. With today’s raves and music festivals such fantasy lands, it may seem plausible to trust a dealer that you may encounter during your night.

The real question is, how trustworthy are these strangers that you meet along your way, and do you trust them with your life ?

Psychostimulant related deaths

According to the American Addiction Centers, a study was released that analyzed more than 25,000 samples of Ecstasy. The results are frightening …

  • More than 1 in 6 pills contained unknown substances which were unable to be identified
  • Over 8% of pills contained a mixture of MDxx and amphetamines (known as speed or meth)
  • 40.5% of pills sold in the U.K. as MDMA are pure (34.7% in the U.S.)
  • Take a look at the full report here.
MDMA purity worldwide

Nearly 50% of ecstasy pills you’ll see are cut with adulterants in some way… Be careful on your journey.