Sharam Released Part 2 of his ‘Collecti’ project with 4 new tracks !


Sharam is back with part 2 of his Collecti project, unveiling 4 more tracks that display his continuous reimagining of sound and style as he delves deeper into the world of techno.

Part 2’s opener “Amnesi” shows off Sharam’s penchant for drum n’ bass sounds with a hard- hitting reece line that pulsates over nine minutes of frenzy-inducing techno rhythms. Its hypnotic breakdown conjures elements of trance, but in an abstract manner. “Filthi”, the dirtiest of this new bunch, uses abstracted, modulated white noise to conjure up a fragmented melody over a funky driving beat and sound effects. Next comes “Melodi,” a brooding cut that pits epic arpeggiations and chord swells against stripped-down, bass-heavy breakdowns.

Sharam uses two distinctly different bass lines to concoct a euphoric, dare we say, progressive cut with drivng elements. Finally, the newly remastered “Crazi” picks up where “Filthi” left off (or was it the other way around?), advancing Sharam’s white noise lead technique into a ten-minute marathon that jolts and pivots like an Formula One car in the hands of a seasoned driver, with perhaps the craziest breakdown ever created – hence the name.

“Peeling the pages of the Collecti album has been a very exciting process for me. Through breaking down the album into 4 parts, people get to experience the individual tracks more intimately and get a closer look inside my creative process. Very happy to share part 2 of Collecti with you and thanks for all your support on Part 1.

Listen Collecti Part 2 Below.