Adidas releases ‘puke and alcohol’ resistant shoes ! Perfect for EDM festivals

edm festivals shoe

Adidas has come out with the perfect shoe for the partier inside all of us.

The design is being labeled “the perfect sneakers for Oktoberfest” and is already on the market for a whopping $238. This type of specific footwear will not only satisfy those looking for stylish kicks, but also for those who want to avoid buying new shoes after their first event.

To make the shoe even more cool, they have “Prost” printed on the side of them. This of course translate to “Cheers!” in German.

Now although these shoes are beer and vomit proof, there are a few downfalls as well. First off, the shoe cost almost $240… Secondly, beer and vomit aren’t the only things that can ruin a good pair of shoes. Dirt, food and most importantly other people stepping on and leaving smudges are the absolute worse. I’m not hating on the shoes, I actually think the idea is brilliant. I would just hate to cop a pair of these and end up with them still being ruined after an event.

For more info on the new design, click here.