Bassnectar angers fans with Impeach Donald Trump Facebook post

donald trump facebook
img via aLIVE coverage

It’s no secret that DJ and producer Bassnectar is not a fan of Donald Trump. Seems like any chance he gets to let that be known he does, and he’s at again with this recent post.

If you weren’t aware, in Oakland California there are billboards spread across the city with “IMPEACH” on them along with a picture of President Donald Trump. This past weekend Bassnectar posted a picture on Facebook of one of these billboards with link to an impeachment petition. Her’s the pic he posted…

IMPEACHMENT NOW!The Bay Area knows what's up! VIVA CALIFORNIA! 🍑🍑🍑

Posted by Bassnectar on Friday, September 29, 2017

The picture has since received a lot of heat by fans that have very different view points and opinions. Check out what some of these people had to say about it

“Music brings people together, and what you are doing is playing into the system to further divide us. You of all people should know this and Its embarrassing someone like you who people believe is better than this political garbage is just playing into it like everyone else. Think For Yourself And Question” – Eli Osteroos

“THIS IS TRUMP NATION, GET OVER IT LOL. What president hasn’t any one tried to impeach lol… You have to commit treason in order to be impeached. Obama committed treason couple times but was he impeached hmmm no he did not. Now shut the fuck up let Donald J. Trump do what he needs to do.” – Joey Eddy

“LORIN MAJORED IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. so if you dont like it dont pay attention to it because its not going to stop. The man can feel however he wants and probably has PLENTY of facts to back it up. People just need to stop getting so butt hurt damn.” – Ashley Sellers

Within the first hour there were almost 400 comments divided between supportive and angered fans. Perhaps Bassnectar expected a smoother response.