Shots Fired !!! Half of Aly & Fila battles with FSOE Label DJ

aly & fila

Aly & Fila, trance legends and owners of the Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE) label have been involved in some recent drama.

Fila, who’s full name is Fadi Wassef Naguib was confronted by DJ Mohamed Ragab via Facebook. He claims that Aly & Fila have not been paying artists’ their fees. You can see in the pictures below the ongoing raunchy feud between the two.

As Ragab was the original social media manager for FSOE, he eventually quit the position due to focusing more on his own career. Following his resignation for management, he was immediately removed from the FSOE500 lineup as well as the agency.

FSOE500 is a live show that Aly & Fila hosted for the 500th episode of their radio show. Out of utter anger, Ragab exposes the FSOE BV office in the statement below, claiming that they don’t pay their artists because they are too busy buying drugs.

As we’re not sure if anyone has been paid yet, we’re hoping these guys can resolve their problems and get back to the music.

Travis Atencio
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  1. I’m curious! he called him a hacker! I think Fadi cares more about music then H4X0RING peoples facebook. Other than that, he’s also a business man too who obviously follows a procedure but decided to pay out of his own pocket for the guy. I think the real question is was this guy having a problem surviving? if he is then he is simply reacting in a negative situation other than that this is freaking FSOE and have a huge fan base so why throw the opportunity away in such a extremely competitive industry? As far as the drugs go well I suck at DJing if I’m not in a positive state. You either got enough chemistry functionality or you don’t but well I don’t even do drugs these days. That’s all I have to say really.

    Good luck FSOE!

  2. I think I should say this, but I do not care at all. Both of them do not even speak the proper English language, and are battling against one another in the most childish ways. If anyone defends another person, because the person is more famous than them, then they are a fool. Seriously, most of these trance fans are so uneducated, and they usually spam the whole entire trance community with senseless comments. It is obvious that they fans are going to defend someone they clearly has not been taking notes about their personal life. I think it is unnecessary for both of them as mature men who produce music to attack each other when the fans does not know what is even going on. The fans will take one side of the story, and jumble it up by saying something else. This should never be the case with each other, but if it is noticeable around each music producer in the label then they should put it to public, but only two people fighting over who is getting paid? If Ragab knew that the manager was like this, then why did he not took actions before or sue the manager for spending the money? If Fadi knew that the manager was squandering the money for his own personal deeds, then why did he fire him before the money was being spend on drugs? Why did they wait until the biggest situation to crawl under them without taking action? I disagree with both of their actions.


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