‘Intelligent and talented’ 21-yr-old student dies after consuming 2.3g of MDMA


Calum Gill, a law student from Sutton Coldfield, was on his way to BBC’s Radio 1 big music festival in Hull with friends when he suddenly fell ill.

Gill, 21 at the time, had previously swallowed a fatal dose of the drug MDMA after hiding it in paracetamol capsules. While on the double decker headed to the three day event, he reportedly fell over and began having a seizure.

Despite an off duty nurse and police officer’s efforts to revive him, Gill tragically passed away at a nearby hospital after suffering multiple attacks cause by the effects of the drug.

According to the toxicology report, the student had consumed about 2,313mg (2.3 grams) of the Class A drug MDMA.

Commenting on the case, pathologist Dr Laszlo Karsai told Hull coroner’s court: “Levels above 1,800 are in the toxic range and anything beyond that can be fatal.”

Friends and family described Gill as a being “intelligent and talented,” and
“on the cusp of life with the world at his feet.”