Warning issued over ‘Blue Mushroom’ Ecstasy pills ahead of Halloween EDM events!

blue mushroom ecstasy

Reports are surfacing that there are very dangerous ‘Blue Mushroom’ ecstasy pills going around ahead of Escape Psycho Circus, Circoloco and other Halloween EDM events this weekend.

We don’t roll but I know a lot of you do so please be safe out there! Test your drugs!

Here’s what the warning stated:

“Hey guys. Last Saturday I tested blue and yellow Mario 1 up mushrooms with my test kit. With marquis it went purple to black immediately and with mecke it went dark as well, however I noticed intense fizzing.

When I tested with Mandelin it went brown! This means it had enough mdma to fool the first 2 tests, but mandelin confirmed there was Pma/pmma in it. ALSO, out of perhaps sheer stupidity, I bit the pill in half and experienced a minor chemical burn to my top lip. For everyone going to Escape Wonderland and Dreamstate and if you just happen to come across these nameless “euros” please avoid them at all costs. Thank you (please see pic for reference below)”

blue mushroom ecstasy pills